Friday, April 13, 2012

Siam Kitchen

(pic courtesy of my colleague, Sri)

My colleague had wanted to get some raw (premium) meats for a bbq that night and I recalled seeing a butchery at Parkway Parade basement. We followed him down to the basement, all the while pondering as to what to have for lunch.

As the lift doors opened, we were greeted by the signage for Siam Kitchen; which is located right across the lift lobby.

We excitedly looked at one another and unanimously agreed to dine there. Phew! Choosing a place for lunch has never been made easier!

Seems like this restaurant has undergone some renovations. The interior + furnishings looked different from what I can remember. Then again, I hardly pass by this part of Parkway Parade...

Prawn crackers

To keep us occupied while we wait for our orders to arrive.

Here's where I wanna gripe a weeny bit. I used to dine here a few times, before they had this renovation. I remember that every table has a set of 4 little jars, filled with fiery condiments. Stuff like 'chilli padi' (birds-eye-chilli) in soy sauce, chilli flakes, pickled green chilli and grounded red chilli with vinegar.

Now, only 2 of those are left on the tables. :(

Our beverages

Clockwise from top-left -  Thai Lime Rose, Thai Ice Milk Tea (x2) & Iced Lemongrass Tea.

I had the milk tea. Had always been fancinated by the slightly orange-y tint of their milk teas (as compared to our 'teh-tarik').

Yum Mamuang - Green mango salad

No way can I enter a Thai restaurant without ordering either this or the Som Tham (Green papaya salad).

Sweet, sour, spicy, salty all in one. Plus the added crunch from the strips of green mango, carrots and the generous amount of cashew nuts. How can I not love this?

Deep-fried soft-shell crab

Deep-fried seafood never fail to please me so. What more newly-molted crabs with sweet-sweet meat and (very) crispy exterior. And paired with spicy mayo. Great appetiser!

Siam Kitchen Basil noodles

2 of my colleagues were enticed by a picture they saw on the promo poster outside the restaurant. However, when they ordered this, the server looked a little doubtful before struggling to explain to us something. "I need to tell you that the noodles... not red like that.. is it ok?"

My colleagues noded their heads anyway..

True enough, when the plates of noodles were served, both of them were aghast. Honestly, what arrived looked a lot like aglio olio- fried with basil. Even the noodles looked like linguine!

So this was what she meant by 'not red'?

My colleagues duly request for some chilli flakes. :P

Phad Thai seafood noodles

I stick to my perennial favourite. It's either this or the black olive fried rice. Or pineapple rice. Maybe Tom Yum soup. Or beef noodles even. I always try to play it safe. ;)

This one didn't disappoint save for the fact that they gave those little cubes of tofu a miss. Aren't those tofu cubes supposed to be prevalent in a Phad Thai?

Anyway, you can take a look at their menu HERE

Siam Kitchen @ Parkway Parade 
80 Marine Parade Road #B1-126, 
Parkway Parade 
Singapore 449269 
Tel: 6342 1588


Blossom inch said...

wah semua sedap...terliur I, nama rest. kelas Siam Kitchen. Kalau macam tu I pun nak buat la dapur I nama "Yuzz Kitchen" boleh??? :)

bayya said...

Hi there Yuzz!

Kalau dah kasi nama kat u nya dapur... nak kena upload recipe & post food pics tau!

Start another blog called ":Yuzz Kitchen" and do just that??! Heh.