Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kriston Catering

Came back one night to find this pretty box in the kitchen. Inside were a mix of 20 canapés- both savoury & dessert selections. Interesting…

These were the remnants of what's left in the box… Each canapé/tapas item is placed inside individual plastic shooter cups. Very convenient!

Now here's the interesting part. I will initially give my own description  as to what I thought the item was. Then after, I will put the ACTUAL name of that item, as taken from the website. :P

Smoked salmon & seaweed roll

I thought it was THAT simple. WRONG.

The actual name (which also describe the ingredients): 'Smoked Salmon Roulade with Curd Cheese & Apricot.'

Like… Whoa!

This one was a tad salty. Smoked salmon on its own can be pretty salty, what more when paired with cheese. Can't taste much of the apricot, though.

Cherry tomato with anchovy & olive

It DOES look like that, right?

Ok, here goes: 'Duet Char Vegetables with Olive Vine Tomatoes.'

So that wasn't anchovies. I guess it was mashed-up grilled peppers or eggplant?

Prawn with melon

This was simple enough. It's actually', 'Prawn Wasabi on Cantaloupe Melon'.

Wasabi? Hmm... Didn't seem to taste it. Cantaloupe, huh? I call that 'Hami' Melon.

Devilled egg??

Ok, I gave up on this.

'Buckwheat Blinis w/ Fraiche Tobiko Caviar.'

No worries, I did the homework (also to satiate my own curiousity). 'Blinis' is actually Russian pancake that's similar to crêpes, save that yeast is used in the process of making it. Any type of flour can be used and in this case; buckwheat.

'Fraiche' is actually homemade yoghurt and 'Tobiko Caviar' are those teeny-tiny fish eggs. From a flying fish.

Chocolate ball

Dessert selection. This one I got it right. It's a ball of rich chocolate cake, covered in white chocolate and crushed almonds.

There was a chocolate-coated marshmallow which I took a bite of, before remembering to snap a pic. The other 2 types missing here (eaten up) were 'Strawberry Dip Chocolate' and 'Cream Puff'.


Was wondering who could have brought this over. First thought flew to hubby's cousin, the pastry chef working at Hilton (back then). But I can't seem to assimilate the name, 'Kriston' with Hilton, somehow. Seeing the packaging and presentation, one can't help thinking of hotels, can't they?

Checked on the name and went to their WEBSITETurns out it's a Halal-certified SG caterer, serving mostly 'atas' (classy) food selections… I was blown away to see what they have to offer!

Anyway, the next morning, my MiL told me that the tapas items were bought by my SiL, who chanced upon her paternal cousin at the Halal Food Fair at Singapore Expo, that weekend. Apparently, he was an acquaintance or a partner of the business or something like that. And she bought a box of these as a form of support. There was a promotional rate of around $30++, that time.

Actual rate is $48 for 20 pieces - 4pc for each item.

Btw, I saw some pictures HERE. I guess they should be pretty popular amongst high-end corporate firms with expandable budget and the need to impress. Classy, Halal foods for their clients…

…Why not?

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