Friday, March 27, 2009

lombok honeymoon day 5

I'm pretty tired of uploading my honeymoon pics here, flickr, multiply & facebook. Doesn't help that the pics have pretty high resolution to start with.. Pfft!

Ok, here goes... Last 2 days!

We didn't really do much, actually. Cos' the idea that the trip was coming to an end kinda' got to us so all we wanna do was stay in the room or swim, swim and swim.

We eventually ventured out for lunch because we're hungry and food in the resort is pretty expensive.

Did some shopping at the lone shopping mall and rushed back for our spa appointment (also part of package).

Hubby jumped back into the pool, post spa till we forgot about our plan to head to Malimbu, the sunset point of that area. By the time I realised, it was already 1800hrs and sunset will be in 20mins. I enquired with the reception and was told that the place will be another 1/2hr drive.

Geez, I was told that the place is 'nearby' our hotel. I should have learnt not to believe the locals with their judgment in terms of distance.. Pfft!

So I dragged hubby out of the pool to catch the sunset at Senggigi Beach right at the resort's doorstep. I told him, "This will be our last evening here. You must not miss the sunset!"

Turns out he did not regret it at all. In fact, he love it. See??! Men...! Hmmph!

On the last day, we also went out only for lunch. Lazy couple we are.

Sad, la. I know that we're sooo gonna miss the pool. And the big, comfy bed. Sigh....

And the great surroundings. And also the people. The service in this resort was sooo good, la. Since our flight was pretty late, they allow us to either stay in our room till 4pm or we'll move to another room if ours will be occupied.

I love this place so much that I wrote a review on tripadvisor. Haha.

So there. Enjoy!

The flower bath

We were told to take a dip in this warm bath after our Balinese massage at the spa.

Wahhh... syiok, man!

Sunset at Senggigi

Managed to drag hubby to the beach in time for sunset.

Sunset at Senggigi

Gosh, something tells me that the sunset this time will be better than the previous one.

Sunset at Senggigi

It sure seem like it....

Sunset at Senggigi

There's no denying it. This one here is gorgeous!

Replacement room

The was someone taking over our room after all, so we moved to a replacement room till it's time for us to set off for the airport later that evening.

I'm impressed. Not many resort/hotels offer such hospitable service. Maybe because it's low season and there are many rooms available.

The room here is sligtly smaller than ours but it's fine. We were told to just utilise it. Cool!

Replacement room

That room is the lower unit here.

Bumbu Restaurant

We got famished during lunchtime so we took a cab ride to Senggigi town to check out more souvenirs and grab some food.

So many restaurants in the almost deserted stretch (it's the hottest time of day and it's low tourist season) and we finally settled on Bumbu Restaurant over the many others.

Reason being it's unpretentious name, unlike other restaurants with name that obviously try to attract the Caucasian crowd. Another reason being that hubby want something local to eat and the name 'bumbu' kinda' assure us that they have something local in the menu. 'Bumbu' means, 'spice mix' in the Bahasa Indonesia.

Last pic...

...Of the great view at this resort. Man, I'm soo gonna miss this place.

Cake Surprise from SilkAir

We were wondering how is it that the ground crew at Selaparang Airport knows about us being on honeymoon.

We only figured out the day after, that my sis-in-law had done the online check-in and indicated that, thus the congratulatory cake.

The stewardress asked if we would like to have the cake in-flight. Goodness, are we to share with the other passengers..?

So there's my honeymoon peeks. Hope you like them.

And coming up will be everyone's pet topic... Food! From Lombok! Oh, the food there had been good! Watch this space.

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