Monday, March 23, 2009

lombok honeymoon ~ day 1 & 2

My 5D4N trip from 120309-160309.

Silkair MI 128

We were greeted with a rainbow upon arriving at Selaparang Airport.

A good sign, perhaps?

Our Honeymoon Villa.

The resort, at night.

Our (very) own private pool.

The resort's main pool.

View from a hill.

Pura Meru.

The largest temple in Lombok built in 1720, under the patronage of Balinese Kingdom.

Sunset at Sengigi Beach.

Right at the resort's doorstep. Not only that, we also got a bonus, in the form of Bali's Mt. Agung right there.

It's what I'd call, 'strategic location'.

More pics H.E.R.E

Stayed at Qunci Pool Villas. I took the Honeymoon Package with the resort. Which includes a free city tour, romantic dinner and spa treatment. Got the 1 bedroom with Pool. Uhuh.. our own personal/private pool. Size around 8m x 3m. Makes for a decent lap pool, if you ask me.

Yee hah!

Morning after waking up, jump into pool. Afternoon before dinner jump into pool. Before sleep, jump into pool.

I swam until my hair got tangled up. I swam until I became tanned. I swam until all the henna patterns on my hands disappeared.

And yes, I'm missing the pool pretty badly now. Make that the both of us. Him especially.

Save for the scenery, Lombok is NOT like Bali. Cultural attraction here is almost zilch but the peace and serenity here is much appreciated, unlike bustling Bali.

And the thing I appreciate most is the ease at which I can get 'Halal' food since majority of the population here are Muslims. There's hardly any qualms about entering any retaurants and order pretty much anything.

Even though the resort we're in is owned by a European man and they do serve alcohol, they do make an effort to serve Halal meat as a form of respect to their Muslim staff. Bacon and ham are beef and sausages are made of chicken-meat.

The resort I reside at is at Sengigi, a mere 1/2hr drive from the current Selaparang Airport at Mataram. However, a bigger and much bigger international airport is already being constructed, so as to cater to (much) bigger planes.

And that airport is more than an hour drive from Mataram but a mere 1/2 hr from Kuta. And Kuta is so sooo idyllic, serene and gorgeous. With the new airport nearby, of course plans are underway to develop Kuta big-time and that to me, is going to be a massacre!

I had wished for that area remain untouched cos' I don't think I can find a place like that anywhere. Seriously. Imagine with the big planes flying in with more tourists.... Lombok might just be.... ANOTHER Bali. Eugh!

Oh, and the weather couldn't be better. Despite the heavy downpours reported to me from S'pore, the weather there was all randy-dandy. That rainbow must have been a good sign after all. . .


~Cupcake~ said...

babe... congratulations!! you went lombok for honeymoon too... best kan... i didnt noe qunci villa is so nice.. nice, nice, your pics make me miss the serenity and simplicity of lombok... feel like flying there skarang gak... BTW, did u manage to go to their kuta beach? the one where novotel is? i soo love that beach... gorgeous!

CT said...

hehee... inspired jugak by ur honeymoon pics.

I went to Kuta of course...! Pics coming soon.
Or just go here:

my hubby is actually considering buying some land there! suka sangat la tu. Banyak cantik muka dia?!