Saturday, May 05, 2007

jangan pandang belakang

Jangan Pandang Belakang....
huh? kenapa...?

If I had known, I 'd watch something else at the theatres. In my opinion, the fright level for this movie is just lukewarm. Tepid even.

Tak seram, lah. Sungguh! In fact, Most of us in that theatre (full house) laughed a lot. Don't ask me why. We are weird like that.

There's just too many loopholes. Given the fact that this is director Ahmad Idham's first horror movie, I guess there's much left to be desired. It's more drama than horror, if you ask me. The first part was just sooo draggy. The ghost loooks funny and I swear I saw the wire that's used to 'fly' that thing.

In fact, I think the ghost looks like a 'hantu mat rock terlepas'. Was that a MALE ghost that I see??! I've seen scarier images on the posters of the metal bands that my bro love.

And I have some queries: *warning! spoilers ahead. those who have not watch and wants to, dun read on*

- if they managed to 'severe ties' with that ghost in the end, why the heck didn't they do it in the 1st place?

- jagung rebus bila tanam boleh tumbuh jadi pokok, ke? kalau budak2x nakal korek lobang tu, dia terlepas, lah eh?

- last part, dah penat terbang, dia merangkak pulak macam Sadako?

- macam mana Seri boleh bawak Darma balik kampung sorang2x? Terer, eh dia. Macam superwoman, lah!

- apasal benda tu boleh melekat kat tunang Darma, when in fact, it's Darma who should be the waris of that 'saka'?

- if that thing is in fact trapped INSIDE the bottle, why is it able to disturb people like it's OUTSIDE?

- the picture in the digital camera is pretty unnecessary. they involve that part in the synopsis, making it seem like a big issue in the movie - when it's not so.

- when he went back to his late fiancee's place for the 2nd time after her death, was he actually 'told' of what happened the night she died or was it shown only to explain to us - the audience??

- last but not least, apa kena mengena dengan the term, "Jangan Pandang Belakang??" That Darma ALWAYS looked back. And..???


I was sorely disappointed, to say the least. I had expected more. Maybe something like that Thai movie: "Shutter". Talk about that movie, the makers are coming up with a new one, about siamaese twins or more appropriately - one 1/2 of them called, "ALONE". Gonna check that out.

I love Thai horrors.


PF said...

LOL. Were you at the GV MArina screening? I was there with a colelague of mine (Malay lady). I'm Chinese, btw. We were at the 4.40 pm show. I thought the movie didn't live up to expectations as well. I also saw the wire used to fly the ghost! LOL. So obvious.

Also looking forward to ALONE. In fact the whole time duting JANGAN I was thinking of ALONE. Haha...

CT said...

yeap, I was GV Marina all rite. But i watched the 9.35 show. Tot of going at midnite to get more 'kick' but im glad i didn't. the movie juz ain't worth it.

"..didn't live up to expectations.."