Saturday, May 12, 2007

back from langkawi

okay, i'm back...

...Since Wednesday evening, actually.

But I've been busy nursing this slight cold and ...erm... how do I put it..?

Well... I finally manage to finish watching yet another box-set of Korean drama.

A pretty old one, actually (2004).
The title is: IRELAND. Yes, the country.

Lee Na Young as Lee Joong-ah
Hyun Bin as Kang Gook
Kim Min Joon as Lee Jae-bok
Kim Min Jung as Han Shi-yeon

This is one weird korean drama. Weird with a capital W.


Weird not just beacause it's different from the typical korean dramas out there. Compare it to other types of dramas and it'll still be weird. Well, maybe except for the French ones...

The storyline is weird. The plot is weird. The characters are weird. The dialogue is weird. The ending is odd. Just odd.

And it didn't garner that much fans (except for those who watch only to swoon after Hyun Bin).

But I LOVE it!

Cos' it reminds me so much of those good arty-farty foreign movies (think Gus Van Sant) that I've watched.

The oddball characters with their quirky dialogues. Those times when I have to rewind the scenes because I just don't get what they're trying to convey.

Those times when I almost wrote notes because watching this was reminiscent of those good old days during literature classes in school. Where we analysed characters, storylines and dialogues for god-knows-what.

Sure there are crying scenes. The guys cry, as usual. The ladies, well... It's different for them. They practically WAILED. And sobbed. LOUDLY. Distorted facial expressions are encouraged.

Lee Na-Young & Hyun Bin? They looked so good as a couple. Just too bad, they're not meant to be.

And this series have this oh-so-slight inclination towards homosexuality. Very very slight. But it does affect the ending, though.

The thing that baffled me. Why isit called Ireland? There's not much mention of that country. The only person who was filmed being there was just Lee Na-Young. And...?

But I admit that the gorgeous Irish countryside makes for great cinematography.

Okay, next entry will be about my trip. I think. IfI found another box set to watch, then maybe the trip will be blogged about sometime next week.


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