Friday, February 19, 2016

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

Today, on the way to work; my colleague informed me that the juniors are back at site again. Pfft.

If they informed us earlier, we could have ordered Lean Bento yesterday! Then it crossed my mind that it will be a very looong time (if ever) that it'll just be us 3 seniors for the day. So I suggest that we eat out for lunch. Somewhere 'far'.

By 'far' well, the furthest that we dare to go is really the Bugis area. There's a bus from our place. Best part is, we still have not decided.

Where do we dine at for lunch??

I pointed out Peachy's in the Secret Hideout to my colleagues and then we also saw The Ramen Stall. In unison, we seem to decide right there, that we want to dine at The Ramen Stall.

Thankfully, some folks were boarding the bus right then so we hurriedly alight.

But then… The Ramen Stall was closed. 😞 So the next best option was Peachy's.

It's open, thankfully. The place is rather small and can seat ard 40, maybe 50 pax at most. Interior seems rather cluttered. Almost dingy.

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

Drinks menu.

A bit or warning, though. Drinks served will vary from what you see in the pictures.

Melon and strawberries in your Mojito? More like melon or strawberry SYRUP. That's why prices can be kept low, at less than $6.

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

Food menu

We were pleasantly surprised when we looked at the menu. The food here is reasonably priced or what? Mainly in the range of $8-$10 for the mains.

And when we saw food being served to others, we realised that their portion is huge too!

But you can see they're more or less the same things, spread over 3 variations of being served with either Spaghetti, Fries or Omurice. Plus some additional spaghetti varieties.

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout


In the foreground is my Melon Mojito. In the background is my collegue's Minty Mojito.

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

Buffalo Wings

I recall that some folks were raving about their buffalo wings and it was well recommended.

And yes, one of the better Buffalo Wings that I had. Addictive!

Reasonably priced, too! 5 wings for only $8. And since they cut the wings it looked like the 3 of us had to deal with 10 pieces instead!

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

Cheesy Chicken Cutlet Omu

Since the first time I discovered their menu, months back- I knew that I've always wanted to try out their Omu (Japanese omelette-wrapped rice).

I also want something cheesy. And nowadays, I've been very much into chicken. Fried chicken, in fact.

So it was easy to choose the Cheesy Chicken Cutlet with Omu, only $8.50! 😍

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

Just look at all that cheese!! 😘

No sliced cheese here. They obviously use grated mozzarella and cheddar. And baked to melty perfection!

And that hefty dollop of coleslaw. The omelette was peeking out on the right of the picture.

The rice was so delightful! I wannt try cooking it myself!!

So, so very satisfied! 👍

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

My colleague Roza also had the Cheesy Chicken Cutlet but with spaghetti instead ($9.50).

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout

Another colleague, Sri had the Cheesy Chicken Chop with fries ($9).

A nice note: have fun stretching all that gooey cheese!!! Yumz!

Peachy's In The Secret Hideout
803 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198771
Tel: +65 81007284

Opening Hours:
12:00pm - 10:30pm

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