Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MacDonald's Singapore new system… Fail!

I seriously feel like boycotting McD in SG until they revamp this bloody order-then-collect system! 😡 

More training is needed for staff to better equip them with the knowledge on what to do! 

In no order or importance:
- Label trays or take-away packages with the receipt/collection number. Because the one to assemble the food order is different from the one who call out the number for collection. I've seen staff having to re-check the orders to verify which number it belongs to.

- Person preparing drinks should see if it's a sole drinks order and serve the drink right away. Many times I've spotted a grumpy person standing near the counter, waiting ages for that ONE cup of drink.

- What's up with the numbering system?! Person in front of me is number 267 and me behind her is 159? Huh?! Sure, numbers are not in sequence but they should at least make sense! Some blur person may thought they've missed their order or someone may be frustrated to see a much bigger number collecting first! 

- Staff preparing food to help pack/gather orders when there's a backlog. Food ready to be served 10mins ago are STILL THERE. Shouldn't their alarm bells start to ring? Where's their sense of urgency?! But they just work on…

- Label drinks that have been dispensed. Many times I see the persons assembling orders having to double-check what drink that is. It's not easy to tell Coke and Lemon Tea apart, I must say. 

Seriously, all this checking back-and-forth is time consuming and exhausting. Staff need to communicate more and practice better initiative to help other sections out. They rigidly remain in their specific station when they could help dispensing the order or something. Especially when there's an obvious backlog. 

And us as customers, we don't patronise a fast food outlet to be made to WAIT very long, especially when we could have gotten our food at half the time with the previous system.

Worse, because of the failed system, we got served food that's soggy (fries made to wait too long), burger less warm with greens all wilted and drinks with ice all melted. Even worse if you order the frappé. You can see that the bottom part is already watery. Eugh!! 

The fact that all new and revamped outlets have a layout that would have made implementation of the previous system impossible so I really hope they buck up and make this system work for them… and US. 


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