Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seoul Garden Hotpot - bringing a curious foodie

NOTE: There's a new branch opened in the East-side!

Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road

Tel: 6341 6077
Fax: 6341 6076

My colleague, Sri and I are avid fans of Korean variety shows. Especially when they involve FOOD. And believe it or not, she hadn't tried ACTUAL Korean food, save for the occasional ones I cooked from home.

So when we happen to watch a show that seemed to involve a whole load of Korean food being cooked and eaten, we decide that it's about time that we head over and enjoy some for ourselves.

Seoul Garden HotPot seemed to be the only restaurant selling Halal ala carte Korean food. We head over to my favourite branch at Harbourfront because we deem ourselves 'too old' to head to town (another branch is at Cineleisure). After work, especially.

Hot cinnamon tea & white fungus sweet soup

My default drink order when I'm here. It's very easy on my stomach and help to digest the food better somehow.

The cold white fungus is a dessert that comes together with the set meal.

Kimchi of the day (cucumber namul)

Deep-fried oyster mushrooms (foregd) 
Deep-fried mid-joint wings (backgd)

The mushroom is a must-have order for starters. The fried chicken is chosen as our side in the dinner set meal.

Japchae (pan-fried seafood glass noodles)

My colleague was ever so curious about this dish. So we ordered it. She loved it.

Those glass noodles/vermicelli, called 'dangmyeon' are unlike the Chinese type we get here. These are made from sweet potato so it's thicker, chewier and darker. And pretty filling.

Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap

How can we introduce Korean food to someone without having them try the Bibimbap? Opted for the beef 'bulgogi' (sweet & garlicky soy sauce marinade) version. And of course, I opt to top up $1 for my fave 'kimgaru' (seaweed) rice.

I love that they add a generous heap of 'tobikko' (flying fish roe). A good tip is to add more 'gochujang' (spicy bean paste) sauce than what is given in the small platter. Small jars of them are available on the tables.

Totally enjoy digging at the crispy and charred rice bits at the bottom of the iron bowl!

Mandu (meat dumpling) hotpot

My colleague's definitely trying different things, most of which are reminiscent of what she's seen on the various variety shows.

This savoury and spicy soup was such a refreshing end to that particular weekday. With enoki & shitake mushrooms, cucumbers, kimchi, mung bean sprouts and chicken dumplings inside; it was indeed hearty and satisfying. We can't stop slurping down the soup!

Both of us walked out feeling really full, yet very, very satisfied. She loved the food so much, she came back again with her family!

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