Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nene Chicken

UPDATE: Nene Chicken is no longer Halal-certified. Their certification expired in 31 Dec 2014 and they did not renew. Please take note.


I saw someone post pics of her Nene Chicken meal online and I was like, "Halal, meh??"

A quick check on their FB page and… homaigawd!! I. Must. Try. It. Out!

I have been lusting after their chicken ever since I read this post and this post. Yes, it's been over a year! I've seen the branch at Star Vista and it was reaaally tiny. So I brace myself when I head down to their Bedok Mall branch.

It's still a tad small for a fast-food outlet but definitely bigger than that branch in Star Vista. The menu board showcased the 6 different chicken flavours and that's it. I won't fault you if you think that they only serve drumsticks. Only when you reach the counter and saw the actual menu, do you rush to make last-minute decisions… pfft!


So I shall do you a favour and put their menu here. 

…You're most welcome. : )

The Bedok Mall branch

There are 2 counters but only 1 was active that night. And the queue was quite lengthy. I was wondering why, until I saw the order chits lined up in a row.

I think the kitchen was somewhat under-staffed. Guess it'll be sometime before we'll get our food, then. *rumbling belly*

We were given a disc which will light up and vibrate when our number get called.


Our food tray

Each set meal includes a 2 piece chicken, buffalo sticks (that'll be fries, for you), pickled radish and a drink for $7.90.

The set for the boneless chicken tenders cost $9.90.

The fries were much thinner than the typical shoestring ones and they were skin-on and spiced. But surprisingly, they weren't over-fried till it was too crisp, nor were they soggy. They were done right, crispy outside and soft inside. Addictive, in fact.

Pickled radish

I was very curious about this and eagerly tried it first.

It was chilled radish cubes pickled in this sweet and tangy vinegar. Very refreshing! So sweet that I wondered if they used pears instead.

As with most Korean meals, I guess even the meal here comes with a 'banchan' (side dish).

Snowing cheese tenders

Chose this out of curiousity. Besides we think that this might help to counter the heat from our other chicken order.

Read reviews saying that the boneless tenders can be quite dry. I guess it's because they used the breast meat. We were wondering why there isn't any chilli sauce given. Turns out we can have a small tub of spicy sauces (swicy/freaking hot) for $1.

A bit of warning: The cheese may come off as a bit 'stinko' at first. Like, old socks kind of 'stinko'. But you'll get used to it and may find yourself licking the cheese powder off your fingers, later on.

Freaking Hot chicken

They weren't kidding when they use that name for this sauce.

Here's a nice little warning: They plastic gloves that's been given? Use THAT when eating this. I mean it. For I learnt it the hard way. My finger tips had this slowww burning sensation that lasted the whole night. And still tingle the next morning.

Last time I felt that was when I used to help my mum cut-up dried chillies before they're boiled.

Speaking of dried chillies, that's just what the sauce smelt like, initially. Concentrated dried chillies. Bet they must have added heaps of the famous Korean dried chilli powder into this sauce concoction.

The heat didn't hit you at first, because of the sweet taste. After a few more bites, you may find yourself tearing and a bit of snot dribbling from your nose. That's when the snowing cheese chicken pieces or the chilled pickled radish come in handy. Anything to offset that crazy heat.

Hmm… reminds me of the Hot hot Drums from BBQ Chicken.

But you either get used to it eventually or get numbed, as it doesn't seem like a big deal in the end. I even dip my buffalo sticks in remnants of that sauce!

And you know what? Our heads felt refreshingly lighter! I mean, it felts like we've been to hell and back but the outcome is that we feel… I don't know how to put it. It's just better! Read somewhere Koreans enjoy eating spicy food because they can cool themselves down after sweating it out. No wonder…

Delivery menu

And another thing: They do delivery (but only limited areas).

So what's my take? I'm so going back to try out ALL the flavours, that's what! 

**UPDATE: They no longer have black sesame on their menu?! Wargh!!

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