Friday, February 28, 2014

Nene Chicken re-visited

UPDATE: Nene Chicken is no longer Halal-certified. Their certification expired in 31 Dec 2014 and they did not renew. Please take note.

Took the morning off for a doctor's appointment. With time to spare before I head back to the office at 2pm, I decide to pay Nene Chicken at Bedok Mall another visit.

After having tried the super-spicy one and the cheesy one (opposite ends of the spectrum!) the previous time, this time I plan to try something else.

I'm very curious about the Green Onion version, where fried chicken pieces were topped with sprigs of shredded green onion/scallions; supposedly from Korea.

I gotta' confess that I'm a big fan of green onions, dragon's breath be damned.

Green Onion Tenders meal - $9.90

With the usual suspects, accompanied with the refreshing cubes of pickled radish and the yummy buffalo sticks.

This time, I've learnt my lesson and ordered a small tub of sauce to dip into ($1). Curious as to what 'Swicy' taste like, I got that sauce. 

Green Onion Tenders

Fear not. It's not really fried chicken simply topped with the shredded green onions. The crispy chicken meat were doused in this yummy sauce; which is a mix of soy sauce, mustard and sugar. Very much Asian flavour.

Awesome combo!

My receipt

Anyway, that day was weekday and I stepped in right before lunch hour so the place is empty and food came out fast.

My dining experience even had an added bonus; in the form of a group of Korean ladies seated at the next table, chatting merrily. Boy, does that feel like in Korea or what?

I was curious as to what they might order. They had this:

Green Onion 2pc chicken rice meal

Even they chose the Green Onion.

I almost ordered this set too. Somehow prefer actual pieces of chicken (bones and all) instead of the tenders (fillet strips). However, I love for the buffalo sticks too much to substitute them with rice. :P

Next time, it will be the Black Sesame! And maybe the Bulgogi Wings & Sticks.

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