Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birthday meal at Seoul Garden HotPot

Day after my actual birthday, brought my family to the Seoul Garden HotPot at HarbourFront, which is nearby my bro's workplace.

Iced Lime Tea - $3.00

My bro's drink order. He loved this. "Very refreshing!" he said.

Got for my parents and myself the hot Cinnamon tea. I didn't know why but the one served on that day was on the sweet side. My mum had to pour some mineral water into her cup before she can properly drink some. 

Deep-fried Oyster Mushroom - $5.90

I tried to order the crispy chicken nuggets for my kiddo. "No stock," I was told. I tried the deep-fried mid-joint chicken wings. No stock, too.

Great. What can I feed my kiddo?

When this was served to our table, my kiddo lunged for a piece, thinking that to be fried chicken. It came piping hot and I took the piece away from him, tore it apart and blew on it. "Please let him think that this is chicken. Please let him think that this is chicken…"

He took a bite of the crunchy piece… And ask for another. Phew!
Hey, mushrooms do have the tendency to taste a bit like chicken, doesn't it??

Because everyone loved this, we ordered another round. Yes, another portion!

Deep-Fried Mandu - 6 pcs: $5.90

Desperate to get something for my kiddo, I ordered this too. The crispy-looking outer layer had looked so promising, until I saw the faint green bits inside. Uh-oh…

True enough. When I pulled a piece apart in an attempt to cool it down (all came straight out of the fryer), kiddo was not only turned off by the specks of green but also the scent of the chopped scallions or chives inside. Pfft.

He may hate it but I LOVE those seafood dumplings. Generously stuffed with savoury minced seafood and perhaps some chicken meat. In fact, the more chives, the better!

Seafood Pancake - $8.90

My parents remarked, "Macam 'lempeng' aje…" (looks like our Javanese pancakes…). LOL.

Truth it, all savoury pancakes have more or less the same formula. Water, flour and eggs. It's the added fillings/toppings that makes the difference.

This was generously topped with seafood. The pancake was pretty bland on its own but there's the accompanying sauce to counter that (behind it). However, we were kinda put off by the sauce's strong-tasting tanginess. Too much vinegar, maybe. We used the 'Gochujang' sauce that's readily available on our table, instead.

It'll be nice if they put some chopped Kimchi into the batter.

Seasoned scallop frills (hotate himo) & Kimgaru rice

I think the 'Hotate Himo' (don't know the Korean name for that) was the 'starter of the day', part of the added $3 promo that comes with the bibimbap. Also included is a soft drink.

Behind that was the Kimgaru rice (shredded seaweed flavoured rice) that I ordered for my bro. He loved it. So much so that he ordered a 2nd bowl later on.

Pollack Fish Bibimbap - $12.90

It looks a lot like the dried fish commonly available here. The 'ikan bulu ayam' variant. So I was highly suspicious. Pollack? Hmph!

Then my mum fed me a spoonful and I realise that the fish wasn't even salted fish. It's deep fried fresh fish. Whoa! Very crispy one, at that. Something different than the usual beef & chicken bibimbap that I always ordered. Nice!

And I can never say enough, just how much I love the 'tobiko' (flying fish roe). My parents shared this bowl, btw.

Braised Beef HotPot

Main reason why I brought them here. I was surprised to see that the hotpot was a bit on the small side. I wondered if it will be enough for us all.

They weren't too impressed, though. My bro even remarked that the taste is akin to, 'Asam Rebus' (similarly spicy & sour Malay-style soup). Really??!

No matter what, I still love it. Love the spicy, sour and hearty taste. The marinated beef slices, the thick Korean vermicelli, the chunky mushrooms etc…

Marinated Sliced Chicken

After all that, my hungry bro still wasn't satiated and wanted to make a last minute order. He browsed through the menu and I recommend him my cousin's favourite dish. He agreed.

Thankfully, the rush hour is over so this one came out pretty fast, much to his relief. Essentialy, slices of chicken marinated with sweet & spicy 'bulgogi' sauce, then stir-fried with kimchi, chillies, scallions & mushrooms before being placed on a hotplate and served. He had this with his 2nd bowl of Kimgaru rice.

He loved this one too. In fact, he may come back here and order this, the Kimgaru rice & the fried mushrooms. For himself. Well, that's what he told me, right then.

Anyway, for my family who love watching Korean programmes; be it drama, documentaries or variety shows. I'm just glad to enjoy the cuisine with them. For my birthday, no less.

Many thanks also to my cousin @TimZahrah for lending me her Zingrill MY Preferred Card, that enable me to get at least 10% discount for this meal.

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