Tuesday, August 18, 2009

southern thai cuisine I

My bro somehow decide to give the family a treat and he was recommended this Thai restaurant by my cousins, who said that it was owned by a schoolmate's mum, who's a Thai herself.

They went there 2 weeks back with their family and the reviews remained positive.

This Southern Thai Cuisine Restaurant is a small restaurant that fronts North Bridge Road, between Jalan Pisang and Jalan Keledek. Oh, the most obvious will be the fact that it's right next door to the famed Islamic Restaurant.

These pics are just a preview of what's to come tomorrow...

Or you can look out for this at the entrance...

..Should you wonder if you got the right restaurant.

My mum's Red Hisbiscus Drink (warm) and my dad's & my Lemongrass Drink (warm)

The 'hibiscus' in this case is not the standard 'bunga raya' that's Malaysia's national flower. This one here is the 'roselle' variant.

The lemongrass is also not the usual one used for cooking (like in the tom yam). Here, what's used is what the Malays call 'serai wangi' (fragrant lemongrass) and like it's name, it's way more fragrant than the usual variety.

My bro's Watermelon w/ milk

It's either this or Papaya w/ Milk. I told him that he pay a visit to Singapore Polytechnic, where every foodcourt serve this. One even had the papaya juice all ready to be scooped out from a container, even.

Condiments - Chili padi ....

... Which no longer appeal to me, sadly. Ever since my pregnancy, I have not been able to tolerate really spicy foods. Chili padi is a big no-no. *sob!

Pics of the ordered foods tomorrow!

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