Sunday, August 16, 2009

home-baked pasta

I don't know what came over me, but I actually felt like cooking that Friday evening at my parent's place.

My bro's fave dish, no less. Baked penne in cream sauce.

Since my cousin was over at my place to look out for my mum, I got her to meet me at the nearby NTUC (I need someone to help me carry my purchases).

That NTUC branch was a disappointment.. No cream, no (western) herbs and minimal pasta variety. Thankfully, there's Penne available (my bro's fave - I personally prefer the Linguine).

My mum told me of the shabu-shabu beef in the fridge and I dump that in with the Shitake mushrooms and chicken sausages.

Not contented with just the standard creamy pasta, I dumped some boiled penne into a dish, heaped on that, the cream sauce and topped the whole thing with lotsa cheese (cheddar, mozarella and even more parmesan) and baked the whole thing.

The pasta being baked (yes, I know.. that oven needs some cleaning..)

It was almost 9pm when I start to bake the pasta. it was such an agonising wait!


My cousin tucking in first.


In my hunger, I realised that I got a tad greedy and baked too much pasta for the both of us. What more when my cousin only dug around the shabu-shabu beef and spend more time picking her fried chicken (yes, we prepared that too).

Thankfully, I left enough sauce for my bro AND his friend, who sprung a surprise visit later that night.

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