Monday, June 15, 2009

oh, nostalgic food!

Yesterday I ate one of the best things ever!

The maid and I were having a little workout session at the fitness corner last Saturday, when she mentioned 'toasts'. I gave her a bewildered look.


"Oh, I forgot. We always have it in the afternoon, when you are away at work..."

Hmmm..... Ok, I sense some envy creeping over me. I LOVE, love, love toasts!!

"Wait, I thought there's no oven in the house..?"

"Oh we just spread the margarine, sprinkle some sugar and put it on the flat pan, the one you used to cook the prata the other time... The kids love it!"

"Oh." ok, now I'm jealous. I can't believe I'm feeling this way over toasts.

And when we came back, she cheerfully commented on our conversation to grandma, "Kakak (big sis) was wondering how we prepared the toasts. I forgot she's never had them before."

Yesterday, after tending to the antics of the littlest niece, actually doze off that afternoon, the sun shining on my face (which was rare cos' I hardly can stand light when sleeping!). I woke up a couple hours later all groggy and ventured to the kitchen for some water. Grandma was at the stove preparing something.

"Oh you're awake. I'm preparing toasts here."

"Toasts??! Really? I love toasts. Wow, you seem to know!" Man, I sure am wide awake right then.

She just snickered. "Your grandpa wants some. You want some. Good, so everybody can have the same thing. The kids will also want later."

She went out to check on them. And she came back in saying, "You're in luck. The maid brought them to the playground. You can have all that in the pan. Can make more for them later. Better to eat them hot."

I just beamed. "Thanks grandma!" She then left me alone.

I looked into the pan. There're 4 little bread slices, folded into half with the sides trimmed (aww, too bad. I love the sides!) sitting neatly in the pan. All four slices for me... ME!

I made a cup of hot milo and gingerly took one out of the hot pan and put it nicely on a plate. Oh, how crisp it was to the bite! And then slightly salty and melted margarine dripped onto my tongue, followed by the crunch of the sugar granules that gave it such an awesome kick!.. Ahhhh...

Now, that's bliss!

I looked around and spotted a bottle of nutella. The next 2 toasts had a generous layer of choco-hazelnut in them (yes, on top of all that margarine and sugar).

The last toast, I had it the way it is. Savourrrrr....

Ah... Talk about loving my life!

** sorry no pics. so eager was i, to wallop all those beauties!

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