'Gravity' singer John Mayer claims Pink kneed him in the genitals outside a luxury Hollywood hotel last year.

John Mayer claims Pink kneed him in the 'nuts'.

The 'Gravity' singer posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account, suggesting the 'Sober' star attacked him outside a luxury Hollywood hotel.

The 31-year-old musician wrote: 'Last year Pink kneed me in the nuts outside Chateau Marmont. I was p***ing blood for days. Did I make a scene? (sic)'

If the attack happened, it wouldn't be the first time the stars have clashed.

Pink branded John her 'most-hated celebrity' last October, after they met at a party in the Hollywood Hills.

Pink said afterwards: 'I got into an argument with him. I don't believe him as much as he believes him. He said something along the lines of, 'I only sh*g really stupid women.'

'And I said, 'I guess they would have to be.' I don't get him at all.'

Jennifer Aniston, who was dating John at the time, was said to be enraged by Pink's comments.

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