Friday, January 30, 2015

Dakota Crescent Estate

My colleague randomly thought of this place and brought us here. He came upon this 'old skool' estate during his morning cycle and want us to have the experience of 'being taken back in time'.

It's a quaint estate with much of their infrastructure and amenities left intact (save for some touching-up).

Seeing this concrete playground with its sand base got me all excited. It's very similar to the playground of my childhood!

I remember, the place becomes a water playground after a heavy rainfall and we literally jump right in, barefooted. Who cares about bacteria or dog poop or whatnots in those days? Before those mall rooftops and heavily padded water playgrounds of today; we've already had our own rendition, back then.

The most 'gung-ho' amongst us will climb up that triangular peak and remain there when playing 'catching' because no one else can climb there to tag them as the next 'police'.

We always have holes in our clothes because there were lots of sand on that concrete slide (more sand = smoother ride down).

That round tyre swing allowed you to swing 360deg and not just in the front-back direction. And always got junk stuffed inside the space in the tyre. And who can forget about pretending to be firemen when sliding down that vertical pole…?

Wish I can bring my kiddo here to try the playground that his Ummi always loved. I heard that this estate might just be razed in the near future. It's close to the city, after all. The land must be really expensive here.

In the last picture~ Just where is my colleague headed to, at block 12…?

Till' the next post!

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