Friday, March 28, 2014

Wing Zone

When I found out that Wing Zone just got their Halal-certification, I was like, "Huh? What's that, again?"

But I got really curious because:
1- It's located in Century Square, Tampines. Very near home.
2- I love chicken wings!
3- Goodness, they sure have many varieties, or what?

I checked that you'll get to try at least 2 different flavours with purchase of at least 12pcs. So I hatched a plan to gather my fellow foodie cousins. The more, the merrier and higher chance to try more flavours!


The restaurant appear spacious. However seats seem to be limited somehow. To accommodate our group of 7 pax, I have to wait patiently before I can get 3 tables in a row.

There are bottles of chilli sauce and tomato ketchup on every table. Yay!

Orders are to be made at the counter and no menus available on the floor so the queue get easily held up by those making last min. decisions after browsing through the menu at the counter itself. I'm smart enough to browse through their menu online so I was well-prepared and even had people gave way to me when they can't decide yet on what to order. Heh.

Their menu can be seen HERE.

Their drinks are served fast-food style (from dispensers/fountains) and there's a jug of ice-water available on the side (self-service). Each table is given a disc upon order and it will light-up/vibrate when food is ready for collection at the servery counter.

30pcs of wings and  jumbo portion of wedge fries

With 30pcs of wings, we were given a choice of 3 flavours. *rubs hands in glee*

We kept referring to the Flavour Zone but can't really decide which ones to choose. Their flavours are graded based on their heat/spiciness level :
1- A polite dose of spark
2- Get your engine going
3- If you like to really sweat
4- BURN with pleasure

Curious about the 'Nuclear Habanero' which is the only flavour that's graded 4 but I fear that it's might be history repeating itself like in the Nene Chicken experience. And it's habanero, le. One of the hottest chillies ever. Chili Padi (birds-eye chilli) are only 50,000-100,000 Scoville heat units. Habanero is 200,000 - 300,000!

So we opt for the next in the list: Hotshot (grade 3), Tokyo Dragon (also grade 3) and Garlic Parm (Grade 2).

From top: Onion rings, mozzarella stix, carrots & celery

Ordered the Family Pack, which comes with  30 wings (Original or Boneless), 2 Jumbo Wedge Fries (changed one of that to Onion Rings), 2 Ranch or Blue Cheese dip (took one of each) + Carrots & Celery.

Yes, literally large, chunky sticks of fresh carrot & celery- Healthiest. Side. Ever.

I have to admit that they go really well with both the salsa and blue cheese dip, though.

We also add on the Mozzarella Stix (single portion only). I love that the onion rings are real onion rings that's coated with batter and fried .

Wedge Fries

Not many are fans of wedges (maybe it's the mushy centre?) but it's interesting to see these wedges are crinkle-cut as well.

Came out piping hot. No complaints there.

Ranch and Blue Cheese dip

The ranch dip is basically mild salsa. And yes, the blue cheese is stinko. Although not as pungent as I expected. Love it all the same!

Works really well to neutralise the really tangy buffalo wings sauce.


Maybe I overlooked the description that says: Buffalo flavour. Maybe I've forgotten my dislike for Buffalo wings. Buffalo sauce- if you're curious, taste very much like Tobasco sauce. Period.

Salty, sour and... that's it. Spicy?? NO. Argh!

The only way I can tolerate this is to dip in the sweet chilli + blue ranch sauce .

Garlic Parm

'Parm' being short for 'Parmesan'. I expect some strong cheesy flavour (maybe reminiscent of the one from Nene Chicken?) but all I got was some tangy taste, not unlike the Hotshot, actually.

Haiyah, another bad choice. So much for something cheesy for an alternative taste.

Tokyo Dragon

And… Finally. Something that we ALL like.

"Hot honey meets classic teriyaki for an experience of ginger, soy and heat."

Maybe our tastebuds are more inclined to Asian tastes? Or maybe we prefer sweet over sour? I guess the flavours we may enjoy could be the HoneyQ, Thai Chili and Sweet Samurai…?

Many have remarked that the average price of around $1.40 for a piece of wing (drumlets and mid-joint are 2 separate pieces, mind you) is a tad expensive. I gotta agree. I've also read comments from people fretting that their wings came out less warm than they prefer. Maybe service can be a lil' inconsistent, I guess.

I guess I'll only come back here where I'm very curious to check out a certain flavour or something. Or I should just get the 'Wings & Sticks' from Nene Chicken (at least I know I'll like their flavours).

Wing Zone (Singapore)
Unit: 01-19/20/21/22
2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square
Singapore 529509

Tel: 6222-WING (9464)

Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm
Their website HERE.

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