Friday, October 25, 2013

Ivy Restaurant - Part 1

Time for the occasional company lunch and as always, the boss got us to decide on a venue. And as always, we only start deciding only hours before the lunch itself.

It was a mad scramble to find a place to head to. Hopped from one website to another. Eventually it's down to two. Fika (Millenia) and Ivy. We've been to Fika before. Besides the set lunch appears limited since it's only 1 dish per day.

So we settled for Ivy, a restaurant serving Halal French food. Besides, my colleague will also have a site visit at Sentosa itself and also in Vivo City so I guess it did seem ok... At first. That was until we got lost. The hilly roads, flanked by thick vegetation on that hot afternoon. Quite a hassle finding our way around. My bosses were in another car and they were grumbling about the location. Ooops.

The driveway (pardon my straying finger)

We were pretty taken in my the surroundings at Siloso Beach Resort. Truth to be told, I totally didn't expect there to be such a place in Singapore itself. Almost felt like we've been dropped off at the lobby of a beach resort in Bali. Or Phuket. Definitely not SG. The dense vegetation. The almost tranquil surroundings…

Turns out, the lobby is all the way at level 8. We have to get into the resort compound to get to the lift lobby that will bring us to the restaurant all the way at Level 1.

Various pool sections

I was amazed to see the pools that's located at level 5 of the hotel. I can easily visualise my kiddo splashing around in those waters. Check out those slides!


The waterfall really add plus points to the scenic view. Right then, I was planning a staycation here; in my head. The fact that all rooms have seaview also helps.

Mainly alfresco dining

When we finally reached Ivy Restaurant, I was apprehensive to see the simple layout. Honestly, I had pretty high expectations. The dining area is mainly alfreso. The lush-looking interior seems fitted for sitting around over some drinks or something.

On the right of the pic (behind the bamboo blinds), is the semi-open kitchen.

Simple roofing

It was just corrugated clear plastic roofing sheets thoughout the dining area. Guess I missed out seeing all these details because most pictures that I see of this place were taken over dinner, at night.

Direct beachfront

A plus point is the fact that we directly face Siloso Beach. Quite interesting to see the beach trams, folks on rented Segways and cyclists passing by.

It was lunch on a weekday so it's pretty quiet. I can just imagine the hustle-bustle on weekends.

Halloween decor

Since Halloween is around the corner, the restaurant also partake in that 'festive' spirit and had quirky, supposedly scary stuff hanging around; like that skeleton and couple of 'voodoo' heads in the previous pic.


When 'nature' gets close

This little squirrel came scurrying down from a nearby tree and did not hesitate to come near. Seems like it knew what to expect and it hung around until someone came by with a piece of watermelon. Ahh… no wonder!

Table setting

After making our orders, we anticipate the arrival of our foods. Will they be up to our expectations…?

…This post has gotten too long. More in the next entry!

Ivy Restaurant
Siloso Beach Resort
Singapore 099538
Tel: 6271 7008

Opening Hours:
Tue: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Wed - Sun: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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